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WYMTM Photo Competition – Week 2

A photo of the Hors categorie climb Luz-Ardiden, France. Taken near the top, looking back down the climb at my friend Mark in a world of pain. Taken with iphone 4 and edited in photoshop –Owen Richards We’re at the end of week two of the WYMTM Photo competition. I don’t know exactly how many photos were …


WYMTM Photo Competition – Week 1

Photo by Stefan Rohner – Pyrenees, Shot on iPhone with the “hipstamatic” app. We’ve completed week 1 of the What You Missed This Morning (WYMTM from now on!) Photo competition. In this first week I’ve had an overwhelming 350 photos sent to me from all over the world. I’m inspired by your response to get …


What You Missed This Morning Photo Competition

I can’t speak for everyone but I’m certainly feeling a vibe of grumpiness among Melbournians. This winter has been absolutely shocking and I think everybody is over it. I hope someone out there is benefitting from all this rain.


What You Missed This Morning…On Mont Ventoux!

I’m sure most of you have seen thousands of photos and video of Mont Ventoux and feel as though you’ve ridden it yourself.  In any case, I thought I’d share a few more with you after my ride up there today with a ripper of a headache (I have to thank Mrs CT for stepping …


What You Missed This Morning…In The Dandenongs

Well, it was actually yesterday morning, but you get the idea.  I wanted to test out my new compact camera and I couldn’t think of a better place than up in the hills of the Dandenongs.  Yes, it is this green..


What You Missed This Morning – In Kinglake

Kinglake at the crack of a sparrows ass to beat the heat.  It looks spectacular this time of the morning.  – Graeme Pereira This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires.  The roads that go straight through the devastated area are some of Melbourne’s best riding areas and my favorite training …


What I Missed This Morning!

The rest of my teammates are up in the Victorian Alps training with Jez (Cervelo), Willo (Garmin), and Cookie (SaxoBank) while I’m back here with a week left of work.  Sometimes I like to gloat to all you guys about the great riding you’re missing, but sometimes it comes right back at me.   Damn them!


What You Missed…In Los Angeles

I’m moving back to Australia tomorrow and there is no better way to spend your second last day in Los Angeles, then a ride with a mate in the San Gabriel Mountains.  It’s 100km loop with about 5000ft of elevation and a frosty Zero Degree Celsius in Mt Baldy. It’s all worth it because there’s …


What You Missed This Morning

Some of the most memorable rides are the ones where the heavens pour down and suddenly the sun peeks it’s head through the clouds.  I wish you could see the mist rising off the wet road.  The iPhone cam just doesn’t cut it, but sometimes the best camera you have is the one you have …


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