What You Missed

What You Missed This Morning

No ride can start or finish without one of these. The beautiful coastal roads of Mornington Peninsula in the 30 degree sun. Life is good… Somewhere you’re rather be. It’s not every day that you get caught behind a peloton of camels so I thought it was worth a snap.


Random Thursday Ramblings

photo by fyxomatosis Sometime it’s healthy to get out for a ride with a group of guys outside of your inner-circle.  It’s a refreshing change that’ll show you new roads and potentially new friends.  That’s just what I did last Monday.   TC, Matt and Andy took me out for an EPIC loop I’ve never even …


What You Missed This Afternoon

When @BradWiggins tweets that he’s going for a ride at 3:30, everyone suddenly gets flu-like symptoms and had to leave work early. photo by Leigh Schilling



If you couldn’t get out this morning here’s a taste of what you missed: Can you believe this is right in the middle of Melbourne?  Thought we were in France for a minute. One of the first of many sunny skies to come and I almost felt naked letting the limbs breath without arm and …


WYMTM Photo Competition Results

Photo by Jarrod Partridge The polls are now closed and the results are in.  The winner of the What You Missed This Morning (WYMTM) photo competition is….


WYMTM Finalists

I’ve narrowed down the top  “What You Missed This Morning” finalists and put them up in this gallery. I’m delighted that the What You Missed theme has started to be coined “WYMTM”.  Thanks to everyone who has come up with this time saving abbreviation (props to Justin who got it rolling). As you can see …


What You Missed This Evening

Saw this spectacular sunset at the end of my ride this evening and had to pull over at Ormond Point (Melbourne) to capture it.  This Parlee Z1 was lent to me after my Look snapped in half.  I tell ya, it’s one of the fastest and most comfortable bikes I’ve ever ridden. It’s almost like …


What You Missed This Morning…

A brisk but sunny morning out in Kinglake with 20 of my best riding mates  (a short ride north of Melbourne).  This is where the forest fire devastation took place last February.  The vegetation is slowly regenerating but the communities are still trying to get back on their feet.  Almost just as devastating was the …


What You Missed This Morning…On The Hell Ride

Had to drop to the back of the 150+ bunch this morning to capture the spectacular view coming down Oliver’s Hill on the Hell Ride.   Magic!  Decided to be a well behaved cyclist and stop at some traffic lights.  Never caught back on…bugger!


What You Missed…In Tibet

Here’s a photo I couldn’t let go unnoticed.  You can see the rest of the photos submitted by clicking on the “What You Missed Photo Competition” photo on the top right of the page.  Feel free to leave a comment to cast your vote.  I can’t possibly decide on this on my own! This picture …


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