Commercial disclosures

CyclingTips began as the personal blog of Wade Wallace. As one thing led to another, quite organically, a business was born. It was one thing when this site was a hobby that was fuelled by favours and guest contributors; it is now a completely different thing.

These days CyclingTips relies on dozens of employees who all aspire to our mission of ‘showcasing the beauty of cycling’. This means bringing you timely and accurate content around race coverage, informing your product purchase decisions, breaking news, highlighting important issues in our community, and so much more. Bringing you this content is the livelihoods of many professionals who work tirelessly to do so. They have families to feed and careers to progress and we rely on a few different revenue streams to hold up to our responsibilities to them (and to our readers).

As such CyclingTips operates as a responsible business that relies on three income streams to pay our staff, to invest in new ideas, to pay for our mistakes, and to save for rainy days:

  1. Advertising. This means that we work with brands within the cycling industry (and sometimes outside of it) who buy advertising services from us. We primarily stick to traditional digital advertising such as banners, competitions, sponsored content, social media promotions. Our editorial, including tech coverage and products reviews remains independent and we strive to keep it free of influence from advertising.
  2. Membership. In November 2017 we launched our VeloClub membership which called for our readers’ support in exchange for various benefits. In November of 2021 we introduced a metered paywall that requires heavy users of our site to pay for unlimited access to our content. We strongly believe that working for our members creates a virtuous cycle that makes us better for everyone.
  3. Merchandise. A small portion of our revenue comes from selling CyclingTips branded merchandise on our store.

CyclingTips’ investors

CyclingTips is wholly owned by Outside Inc. Outside is backed by investors which you can see here. Most notably, you’ll see that Zone 5 Ventures, an investment arm of Specialized, is a minor investor. Next Ventures is also a minor investor. Lance Armstrong is a managing partner at Next Ventures.

There could be other investors involved who have an influence in the cycling industry (we don’t know), but none of Outside’s investors have any direct influence on our day-to-day business that we’re aware of. You don’t need to take our word for it, but we hope this disclosure presents a level of transparency that allows you to make up your mind for yourself.