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Wade Wallace, founder and publisher [email protected]
Matt de Neef, CyclingTips Australian editor [email protected]
Neal Rogers, CyclingTips US Editor [email protected]
james Huang, CyclingTips US Tech Editor [email protected]
Shane Stokes, CyclingTips news editor [email protected]
Matt Wikstrom, Australian Tech Editor, [email protected]
Dave Rome, tech journalist and content strategy, [email protected]
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Andy van Bergen, VeloClub community manager [email protected]
Louis Raymond, VeloClub community support [email protected]
Jonathan Reece, Emporium e-commerce manager, [email protected]
Mark Gouge, US Sales Director, [email protected]
Leigh Schilling, Australian Sales Director, [email protected]
Phil Smart, Web Development, [email protected]

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Anne-Marije Rook Ella editor [email protected]
Simone Giuliani, Ella Australian editor [email protected]
Jeanine , Ella race reporter [email protected]