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  • rukovich

    I have one simple question. Can I replace my 10 speed Sram cassette with a 10 speed Shimano cassette? It’s a Sram XO system.

    Thank you.

  • Supergal007

    Hi team
    Will the Ella ambassador program be back in 2017.
    Thank You

  • blair houghton

    Maybe it would be simplest to ask, on what platform is the scripting on this page supposed to work? Because it’s so broken I can’t imagine it’s just mine it doesn’t work on.

  • Mark Vonk

    Is it me, or is there no search available on the site?


    1923 to 1288 periode, five Gujaratis, Jal Bapasola, Adi Hakim, Rustam Bhumagara, Keki Pochkhanwala and Gustad Hathiram, toured from Mumbai to world over and returned at Dadar, Mumbai on 18th March, 1928. They traveled 70,812 km, four years and five months, in desarts at 60 degree celcius to snow claded mountains. All tour on bicycles except on seas.
    Tour continued even between China – Japan war.
    A book is published in Gujarati named ” Cycle par Pruthvi ni Parikrama”, I could not trace 0my copy but have lots of newspaper cuttings, from friends too.
    Latest referance in newspaper, Gujarat Samachar, 12th February, 2017, writer Vishal Shah

    • Amit Goda

      I just read that Gujarati Book. Its awesome



  • Jennifer Luebke

    I would love it if on your sites, whenever I click on the Ella logo, it took me to the Ella landing page instead of to CyclingTips! :)

  • Bruce su

    Contact me at if you need high quality carbon bicycle parts

  • Sue Phillips

    Unfortunately I would caution people to be very wary about ordering from Cycling Tips Shop Emporium. I’d always thought them reasonably reputable but I recently ordered some knicks, only then to receive an email saying their system allowed me to order an item that is out of stock and they’ve no idea when back in stock. I really would prefer to get the item not a refund but can’t get any response about either from my emails, and can’t track down a phone number to find out what’s going on. I would be VERY hesitant to deal with them again!