Iain Treloar

Content Production Editor

Iain joined CyclingTips in August 2017, following six years with Ride On magazine.  Prior to that, he cut his teeth on bike shop floors around Melbourne, and broadened his mind (whilst simultaneously limiting his employment prospects) with a musicology-based International Studies degree. Having escaped the clutches of niche academia, Iain was able to pair his passion for riding with his journalism major, and has been writing about bikes ever since.

When not commuting to work, Iain’s preferred riding is hilly, gravelly and with as few people about as possible. He likes his music moody and his beers hoppy, and looks forward to the day that he can knock out epic back-road adventures with his daughter in tow.


Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, Australia

First Bike

Giant Upland

Current Bikes

Ritchey Road Logic Heritage Edition 2018

Specialized Crux

Giant Bowery

On-One 456 Summer Season

Cannondale CAADX

Dream Bike

Moots Routt RSL, Firefly all-road, Rogers Ronin, Santa Cruz Stigmata or Parlee Chebacco

Favourite Ride

Hilly and gravelly