Dave Everett

Roving reporter

Dave claims that the aroma of GT85 and oxy-acetylene evoke happy childhood memories. This would be questionable if he hadn’t spent most of his school holidays in the back of his dad’s bike shop.

Leaving the north west of the UK at age 18 for a summer of racing in France quickly lead Dave to defer from university where he’d planned to study art and design. That decision resulted in 12 years of racing full-time for teams in Europe and America. The phrase “Education is important, but riding bikes is more importanter” could quite easily be applied.

Injury and what Dave likes to think of as “a wise choice” put the brakes on his racing career. But a love of the sport and a year spent travelling the globe saw Dave jumping barriers at major races to chat with pro riders in a lighthearted fashion. Now living in France Dave can be found roaming Europe for CyclingTips, covering everything from rider interviews to factory tours.


Kendal, Cumbria, UK


IN the sticks near Paris

First Bike

There was that chrome blue BMX with holographic graphics, but my first 'proper bike' was a Brevatto Reynolds 531, in a fetching black and yellow colour way that my dad built.

Current Bikes

Orro Terra Gravel 105 Discus

Cannondale CAAD 10 custom build.

2007 Kona Paddy Wagon, the singlespeed for hacking about on.

Cannondale CAAD 9, the winter bike that I won't be getting rid of anytime soon.

Dream Bike

Colnago C60 in that Gazprom blue. Or if anyone has an old 54cm Colnago Dream Mapei edition let me know.

Favourite Ride

Out in the English Lake district with my Dad....on a dry day, with him buying the cakes and coffee.