Switzerland is a small Mitteleuropean country, known for its mountains and penknives, chocolate, cheese, and neutrality, its fine watches and trains, cuckoo-clock cottages and banks. That’s the idea most people have of it, but there is so much more to Switzerland than that.

It’s a nation with four official languages, comprised of 26 staunchly independent cantons, with overlapping cultures. From the rolling fields of the Swiss Plateau to the thick forests and lakes of the Jura mountains to the high meadows and peaks of the Alps and the Riviera-like shores of the lakes in the south, its landscapes are vast and varied. Each part of the country has its own, unique charm.

We set out to discover Switzerland for ourselves, to explore the parts of the country that are not necessarily included on the routes set out in the usual guidebooks.

Over ten weeks, in this major series, we’ll bring you the very best that Switzerland has to offer. We’re looking forward to having you along for the ride.



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Episode 1: Ticino

Episode 2: Andermatt

Episode 3: Zermatt

Episode 4: Valais

Episode 5: Gstaad and Emmental

Episode 6: Lake Geneva region

Episode 7: Fribourg

Episode 8: Jura & Swiss Parks

Episode 9: Swiss Travel System

Episode 10: Aargau & Engadine