Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of publishing many posts that I’ve been proud of. Lots of these posts were written by guest contributors, and none of these would have been possible without the help of my mates or the subject matter experts I’ve spoken with. Here are a few of the highlights in case you missed them.

Riding, Racing, Tactics and Strategy

Golden Rules Of Criterium Racing

Golden Rules Of Road Racing

3 Peaks Tips

Melbourne to Warrnambool Winner’s Tips

Anatomy Of the Leadout Train

Turning Around Negative Racing

The Art Of The Counter Attack

Climbing Strategies

Attack On The Lull

Top 10 Attacking Mistakes

The Final Corner

Knowing The Wind

Common Sprinting Mistakes

Cav’s Perfect Sprint Technique

Old Sprinter’s Trick – Drop The Wheel

The Lost Art Of The Bunch Ride

Col de Roll – The Best Bike Race On Earth

Philip Island Tips

Rolling Through

How To Ride The Cobbles

How To Get A Cycling Sponsorship

Bang For Your Buck In Time Trial Equipment

Descending Tips

When The Paceline Stalls

High Speed Cornering Techniques

Corning Tips

Politics of the Peloton

If You’re Not Moving Forwards, You’re Moving Backwards

Mistakes When Pulling Turns

How To Do A Trackstand

Crash Prevention

Group Dynamics In Cycling

Psychology of the Jersey


Protein For Cyclists

Five Nutrition Myths

Keeping You Cool On The Bike

Weight Loss For Cyclists

Sports Nutrition Strategies

Muscle Cramps

Sports Foods and Supplements – Where do you get your info?

NASA Hydration Fluid Recipe

What To Eat Before A Race

How To Carb Load


Simon Gerrans’ Milan-San Remo Power Analysis

AIS Power Profile Testing

How To Do A Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) Ramp Test

Quarq versus Powertap

Power Comparison to the Pros

Average versus Normalised Power

Power versus Torque

Fitness & Training

The Intensity Trap

Massage For Cyclists

Do Compression Garments Really Work?

Indoor Training Tips

Core Training For Cyclists

Is Mountain Biking Good For Road Riding?

Adapting Your Training After Missing Workouts

Speed vs Strength vs Endurance

Bike Fit – Is It Worth It?

A Training Week For Real People

Cold Water Recovery

Custom Footbeds for Cyclists

Iliac Artery Surgery

Two and a Quarter Rule

How To Deal With Road Rash

The Broken Collarbone


All Product Reviews

Where Is The Value In A Carbon Wheelset?

What’s In A Fork?

Speed Wobble – When The Bike Shakes Its Head

Geometry of Bike Handling

Custom Wheelbuilding – A Dying Art

The Best Bike Degreaser?

Finding the Right Saddle

Bicycle Warranty Basics

Are All Carbon Bikes Created Equal?


A guide to Melbourne’s Bunch Rides

Otway Rainforest Ride

Mont Ventoux

Alp d’Huez

Col du Tourmalet


La Dent du Midi

Forgotten World Highway (New Zealand)

Pass’Portes du Soleil (2011), (2010)

Galeries de Fago

Victoria’s Secret

Van Diemen’s Land

The Snowy Mountains

Paris-Roubaix Reconnaissance

Ride Through Flanders (1)

Ride Through Flanders (2)

A Ride With BMC’s Tim Rowe

L’Etape du Tour

Pondering Pokhara (Nepal)

Great Ocean Road (video)

Mt Baw Baw

Victorian Alps

Off the Beaten Path (Melbourne)

Vietnam (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Lessons Learned)

General Interest

How The Tour de France is Broadcast

How Time Gaps Are Calculated

Pro Team Structure – What It All Means

Cycling Photography Tips

How To Wear A Cycling Cap

A Look Inside The Whereabouts Program

Why The Tour Down Under Is Important To The Tour of Flanders

Why Rowers Make Exceptional Cyclists

How Electronic Timing Systems Work

CyclingNews – A Web 1.0 Success Story

Cafe Etiquette 101

History of Cafe Racer

Timeline of Cycling Coverage In Australia

What A Professional Cycling League Might Look Like

Bicycle Insurance – What You Need To Consider

Mitigating The Risks of Cycling

Engage With The Traffic

Pro Secrets, Quirks and Superstitions

8 Things That Make The Pros Different From Us

Essential Reading – The Rider

How Much Money Do Pro Cyclists Make?

Exercise Is Good For The Heart, But Is There A Limit? (plus Q&A follow-up)

No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothing

New Pathways To Pro Cycling

Interview With Dr Aldo Sassi

More Interviews…