2019 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards rules

Competition Information

-The Competition is the 2019 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards (“2019 Awards”) by CyclingTips.

-The Competition Organisers and Promoters are CyclingTips and Mark Gunter Photography.

-Information about the Competition can be found at https://cyclingtips.com/2019-mark-gunter-photographer-year-awards/

-The 2019 Competition begins on 2nd December, 2019 at 10am AEDT and ends on 5th January, 2020 at 11.59pm AEDT.

-Late entries can be accepted at the Organiser’s discretion.

-All dollar amounts hereafter are in AUD currency.

-You can contact us at photoawards@cyclingtips.com.au at any time.

Who May Enter

-Entry is open to any person, from any country.

-Entry is not open to directors and direct employees of CyclingTips and Mark Gunter Photography. Photographers who have contributed to CyclingTips are allowed to enter provided they meet all other requirements.

-Entry into the Enthusiast or Smartphone / Action Cam category is not open to anyone who earns more than AUD$25,000 per year from their photography relating to cycling (i.e. professional photographers with other specialties are allowed).

-Entry into the Professional Cycling Photographer category is permitted to anyone who earns income from his or her cycling photography.

How to Enter

-Entries can be submitted online via the entry link at https://cyclingtips.com/2019-mark-gunter-photographer-year-awards/

-Each photo must have been taken between 1st January 2019 and 5th January 2020

-There are three categories to enter photos into: 1) Professional Cycling Photographer, 2) Enthusiast, 3) Smartphone / Action Cam.

-All photos entered via the entry form will be judged for the Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards.

Entry Fees

-The entry fee is AUD$25 for up to 3 photos.

-All 3 photos must be entered in either; the Professional category, Enthusiast category or the Smartphone / Action Cam category; they cannot be a combination of categories.

-Entrants can enter multiple times at a cost of AUD$25 per entry.

Photo Submission Rules

-The competition is skills based, and chance does not play a part in determining the winners.

-Each photo must relate to road cycling in some way, including but not limited to, cycling lifestyle, commuter cycling, cyclocross, track, gravel riding, road racing, a community ride, pave, café culture, road art, cycling landscape scenery. As much as we love mountain biking, our audience comes to us for road cycling inspiration and that’s the theme of this competition and all of our content. If this is confusing, as a rough guideline think ‘drop bars’.

-By submitting each photo, the entrant affirms that the photo is of original material taken by the entrant, the entrant is the owner of the copyright, and that the photo does not infringe any third party rights.

-By submitting at least one photo, the entrant accepts the Rules and confirms that their entry complies with the Rules.

-The Judges or Competition Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any entrant who is suspected of not adhering to the Rules.

-Only photographs will be accepted. Video or video screenshots will not be accepted.

-A caption must be included with each photo submitted (500 characters maximum).

-No watermarks permitted.

-HDR and stitched panoramas are acceptable.

-All digital files must not exceed 5MB.

-For Professional and Enthusiast Category entries, all metadata (EXIF data) must be provided.

-The Enthusiast category is a term generically referring to high-end cameras – for example, Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC), mirrorless, film, compact, DSLR and other cameras are permitted.

-The SmartPhone and Action Cam category refers to still photos taken on devices such as iPhones, Android, Windows Mobile, etc, as well as still photos from devices such as GoPro, Shimano Sports Cam, Garmin VIRB, etc.

-360 camera stills are accepted if the camera device meets the above criteria, however, 360 degree web functionality will not be accessible for judging.

-Drone photo stills are accepted if the camera device meets the above criteria.

-Competition organisers have the right to accept or reject entries from devices outside of these specific devices.


-Only compliant entries will be eligible for judging.

-Each category will be judged by no fewer than two judges, which will be selected by CyclingTips and Mark Gunter Photography.

-The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

-Winners will be announced on 13th January, 2020.

-Judging consists of two rounds of evaluation. In round one, the Judges will each select up to ten photos per category, from all eligible photos.

-The Judges will consider the following criteria: capturing the emotion of the image, drawing in the viewer’s attention, creativity, quality, composition, and even sometimes breaking the rules of photography when the story behind the image is particularly powerful.

-The photos selected in round one will proceed to round two, whereby the Judges will collectively select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for each category.


-Prize winners are responsible for any personal taxes, duties, shipping, and unanticipated costs incurred.

-If the rules of the competition are broken or suspected of being broken, or if the spirit of the competition has been violated, Mark Gunter Photography and CyclingTips.com have the right to refuse the prize being awarded. If this occurs, the next winner in line will move up one place.

-A portion of the entry fees will be used to fund the prize money of the competition.

-Any additional prizes offered during the competition will be clearly described by the Promoters.

Donation Recipients

-The donation recipients and amounts will be announced on www.markgunter.com.au by 15th February, 2020.

-The donations awarded are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

-The donation recipients may change from year to year.

-In 2019, the proceeds from the entry fees (post prize money and expense allocations) will be donated to two recipients: 1) A maximum of $2,000 to Young Cyclist Assistance in $1,000 allotments, and 2) the remainder to Tour de Cure Ltd; Riding to Cure Cancer.

-The award distribution allocations are approximate and may change depending on the amount of money raised, and round-up / round-down methodology applied.

-The selection of up to two Young Cyclists will be at the discretion of CyclingTips and Mark Gunter Photography, and an independent judge [to be determined], following a request for nominees and an evaluation process.

-Neither CyclingTips, nor Mark Gunter Photography, are liable for any taxes (personal, company or otherwise) resulting from donations to registered charities.

-Mark Gunter Photography is liable for income tax resulting from donations to up to two Young Cyclists, and as such, this cost will be funded by the entry fees.

-Any costs associated with the entering the competition (merchant fees and GST), will be funded by the entry fees.

-Some or all of the costs incurred in developing and promoting the competition may be funded by the entry fees.

Usage Rights

-Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer.

-Entrants consent to CyclingTips and Mark Gunter Photography to reproduce, exhibit, publish and communicate their photo(s) for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Competition (including but not limited to, online, social media, print; and without any or additional monetary compensation), in past, present, and future years, unless otherwise agreed upon with the photographer.

-By entering, Entrants consent to be contacted by CyclingTips and Mark Gunter Photography with competition updates.

-Entrants consent to the prize sponsors to publish their photo(s) on their website and social media pages, for any purpose including marketing and promoting the Competition.

-Any photograph used by CyclingTips, Mark Gunter Photography, or the prize sponsors, where practically possible, shall carry the photographer’s credit line or social media recognition.

-Any other commercial usage will be agreed upon with the photographer prior to use.

Contact Us

-You can contact the 2019 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards at photoawards@cyclingtips.com.au anytime.