Cant, van der Poel win CX World Cup; TUEs a fair tactic? CT Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

November 20, 2017

In today’s edition of the Daily News Digest: Van der Poel and Cant victorious in round 4 of the CX World Cup; Getting TUEs was a legitimate competitive tactic – Shane Sutton; Nibali and Gaviria expected to headline 2018 Tour of San Juan; Jakob Fuglsang to target the Tour in 2018; Louis Meintjes to switch focus to the Giro d’Italia in 2018; French Army team to fold; 1000 bikes discovered in California bunker; Brawl erupts on Melbourne train over bikes.

1000 bikes discovered in California bunker

by CyclingTips

Employees of Orange County, California have discovered as many as 1,000 bikes hidden in an underground tunnel system near the Santa Ana River, south east of Los Angeles.

The county recently began clearing hundreds of homeless people from the area after complaints from nearby property owners. In cleaning up, the county officials discovered the bikes, as well as a makeshift, 3m x 3m bunker accessible only via a small, camouflaged hatch.

“I’ve been doing this job for 20 years, and even I was stunned by that one,” said Lt. Jeff Puckett of the Sheriff’s Department, speaking of the bike discovery. “Common sense would usually dictate if you have 1,000 bikes in a tunnel, some of them could be stolen.”

The bikes were hauled out of the tunnel and taken to a storage facility. Lt. Puckett said the public would likely be allowed to view the bikes at some point, in an effort to reunite bike owners with their stolen rides.

Follow the link to read more at the LA Times.