Mareczko wins again in Hainan; Slipstream signs Swedish champ: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 1, 2017

Mareczko takes third win in Tour of Hainan; Slipstream Sports signs Swedish national champion Magnusson; Holowesko-Citadel announces new sponsor, new directors including Bobby Julich; Carlee Taylor announces her retirement; Irvine retires again, moves to directeur sportif role with Aqua Blue Sport; 15-Year Old Samara Cathirell weighs in on the gender gap in cycling; Métier Beacon launches LED-equiped jacket and gilet; Video: Courier in hot pursuit of Sagan; Video: Wheelie rider hurtles down steep hill; Video: Cyclist Ingeniously Creates A Helmet To Protect Himself From Magpies

15-Year Old Samara Cathirell weighs in on the gender gap in cycling

by Aliya Traficante, Ella Intern

Think women’s sport is on the up and up? Think again. In the Youth Bike Summit in Arlington earlier this month, Samara Cathirell gave a keynote speech exploring subtle, and not-so subtle, biases against women in cycling and what’s keeping more women from getting involved – many of which Cathirell has faced first-hand at just 15-years old.

“Sometimes I go running with my mom and disgusting men passing in their cars will honk at us, as if to say we look beautiful,” said the sophomore in high school. “The first time it happened, I asked my mom, ‘Was he honking at us?’ She said yes, and I realized society really hasn’t made it that far in terms of equality.”

Other examples Cathirell experienced include junior women’s races being shorter in length than their male equivalents (sometimes by just five minutes, which leads to the question: Why not give them the same length?) and USA Cycling officials not taking the women’s events as seriously.

At any age, these discrepancies can be disheartening, and Cathirell finds herself doubting whether it’s worth the fight. “Why do I even bother stressing so much on an issue that most likely won’t be fixed in my generation’s lifetime?” she asked.

However, she remains optimistic that she can partake in even a little bit of change: “I believe that we, as a whole, have to at least make a dent in the damage created by people who came generations before us. In times as divisive as today, we can no longer afford to stand back and let other people fix our problems. We need to become our own best advocate.”

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