January 2017 Women’s Product Picks: Voler, Queen of the Mountain, The Offset Hook, Club Ride Apparel and Bontrager

by Anne-Marije Rook

January 26, 2017

In this edition of Women’s Product Picks, we take a look at kit by Voler and Queen of the Mountain, Club Ride Apparel’s versatile top, Foothill Products’ ingenious way to store wheels, and Bontrager’s hi-vis women’s jacket

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Bontrager Meraj halo S1 Softshell Women’s Jacket

by VeloClub

Safety is the number one deterrent that keeps people from road cycling, and for women especially. As people on bikes, we are among the most vulnerable users on the road and all too often, the onus is us to make sure we are seen.

This is an area that Trek and Bontrager have been focusing on a lot in recent years, and CEO John Burke told Ella CyclingTips that he believes safety the biggest factor in the declining interest in road cycling.

“I think [safety concern] is the biggest factor that’s out there,” he said. “If you take a look at the United States, the amount of fatalities over the past 15 years has always been between like 650 to 800 per year. One of the things that we’ve done here is that we saw the safety concern maybe three years ago and we hooked up with Clemson University to drive a safety study.  It’s been a phenomenal study and we’ve learned an awful lot. We are big believers of safe riding, and the latest catalog we came out with is really dedicated to safety.”

Among their safety items in the new Meraj Halo S1 Softshell Women’s Jacket, which in one word is BRIGHT.

At night, the Meraj Halo simply glows!

In normal light, this thermal jacket appears to be little more than yet another yellow cycling jacket. But at night, the jacket transforms. When hit by light, the whole jacket glows with reflectivity, making you visible to all those around you.

This smartly designed jacket is infused with reflective pixel technology to keep you seen and safe during the day and night.

Aside from its high visibility, the jacket is a great addition to your night riding or cold weather attire. Intended to be worn in temperatures barely above freezing, the jacket fits snug like a long sleeve winter jersey but has a wind and waterproof exterior while being soft and fleece-brushed inside.

It also features three full-size open back pockets and two zippered security pockets.

Again, the streamlined performance fit means it fits rather tight, and I’d suggest sizing up from your usual jersey size if you’re intending to wear it like a true jacket.

Why we like it:
The Meraj halo S1 Softshell Women’s Jacket is a quality cold weather outerlayer with the benefit of being super hi-vis. I’m not the biggest fan of most neon yellow jackets but this is safety tastefully made for the performance oriented cyclist.

At $299.99 it’s a bit pricey

Price: $299.99 USD