Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

February 10, 2017

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Motorist charged with killing two cyclists routinely drove while drinking

by CyclingTips

A motorist charged with killing two cyclists in a crash last year while allegedly high had previously told his now ex-girlfriend that he routinely drove while drinking. Brian Lynch is charged with aggravated manslaughter in the deaths seventy-two year-old Clare Rhoades and 68-year-old Kenneth Vieira when he allegedly ran a red light with his truck.

“He would drink and drive all the time, even on his way home from work he’d come home with a tall can already opened and halfway gone, before he even got out of the truck,” his ex-girlfriend told KVOA News under condition of anonymity.

“Brian told me that he used cocaine … I found evidence of his cocaine use on three separate occasions. I confronted him about my suspicions that he was using meth. Brian denied it. We were living with my mom and she eventually asked us to leave because she realized [he] was using and abusing drugs.”

The 29-year-old Lynch told investigators he had smoked marijuana hours before the crash. Toxicology reports indicated meth in his system. He had previously failed an alcohol test with his employer Scott Roofing and was subsequently fired, but was quickly re-hired at a different branch of the company, shockingly as a driver.

His ex-girlfriend also gave details about a boss at the company giving Lynch synthetic urine to use in order to pass company drug tests. “He told me that his boss bought it for him so he could pass his drug test. To get his [commercial driver’s license] I believe.”

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