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by Mark Zalewski

February 11, 2017

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Belgian coach falls into icy pond at Bieles, drives home in underwear

by CyclingTips

While most everyone was cold at the recent UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Bieles, Luxembourg, Belgian cyclocross coach Eddy Ponet was likely the coldest, as he fell through the ice into a pond after the race. To keep warm he drove back to his home, 250km, wearing only his underwear. Luckily he can laugh about it now.

Source: YouTube

“After the race I went to the car to change into clean clothes; I wanted to find a hotel and spend the night there before the drive home,” Ponet told Het Nieuwsblad.

“But I had to pee and did not know how how long a drive it would be, so I decided to find somewhere quickly to go. It was dark, I thought I had seen a nice spot. It seemed like a big piece of concrete, but in reality it turned out to be a frozen pond.”

He dropped through the ice up to his arms, but fortunately was able to pull himself out. He was completely soaked and in freezing temperatures with no more clothes.

“I had to change down to my underpants.Then finding a hotel was no longer an option. So I had to drive the 250km from Luxembourg to Lummen with the seat heater on high and the heat at 25 degrees. The worst part is that I still had not peed that was the real misery!”

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