Your Thursday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

December 29, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Bradley Wiggins ‘officially’ retires; Canadian neo-pro Ellen Watters succumbs to injuries from collision with car; 60 Minutes television show investigating mechanical doping in cycling; Operación Puerto investigation names forthcoming; Tour of Qatar cancelled for 2017; Alicia Franck making return from injury; “In Velo Veritas” trailer; Cycling and coffee, in Colombia.

60 Minutes television show investigating mechanical doping in cycling

by CyclingTips

A report by Front Page Cycling is circulating that the American television newsmagazine 60 Minutes is the programme that Istvan Varjas told Le Monde would be reporting about mechanical doping in pro cycling going back as far as 1998. Vargas has also said that the UCI’s current methods of detection cannot pick up certain forms of mechanical doping.

Front Page Cycling reports that the programme will involve an investigation into Lance Armstrong and motorized doping. CBS News’ Bill Whitaker, a correspondent for the programme, interviewed Tyler Hamilton for the story.

In 2011 Tyler Hamilton did a two-part interview with 60 Minutes admitting to taking performance enhancing drugs and detailing Lance Armstrong’s drug doping.

The report also said that Whitaker traveled to Budapest, Hungary in June 2016 to interview Varjas and give demonstrations of the motor technology.

60 Minutes is a well-respected investigative journalism show that has earned 20 Peabody Awards and 106 Emmy Awards, more than any other television programme.

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