Your Tuesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

November 8, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Mareczko doubles wins at Tour of Taihu Lake; Van der Poel and De Boer dominate at Ruddervoorde; Nathan Haas on nerve damage, backing Cavendish and tussling with Sagan; Rubén Fernández extends with Movistar; Many riders still looking for contracts; Aaron Timmer Brown, liable for Kimmage Fund money, resurfaces; UCI and EUC heads push European Union to promote cycling infrastructure; Drama surrounding Portsmouth Tour de France bid; Alé Cipollini Galassia presents 2017 team; UCI Track World Cup highlights; Keagan Girdlestone continues road to recovery with first coffee shop ride.

Aaron Timmer Brown, liable for Kimmage Fund money, resurfaces

by CyclingTips

The person found liable for the missing Paul Kimmage Defense Fund money, then known as Aaron Timmer Brown, has apparently resurfaced, working in the marketing of a wine venture in Europe. Now calling himself ‘Tim Brown,’ he is involved in recently launched app called Wine.pop.

Aaron Brown (left), appearing in a Cyclismas video

Aaron Brown (left), appearing in a Cyclismas video.

A blogger writing about the wine industry has attempted to track Brown since his disappearance with the funds collected for Paul Kimmage’s legal fees. Brown has also skipped out on paying alimony in his home country of Canada.

Since then he has become involved in various wine-related businesses in Europe, some of which were short-lived and are now defunct.

The blog writer contacted people associated with the company that Brown is currently working with, to ask if they knew of his past. The company responded, saying that it is a “serious project and that Tim has nothing to do with the day to day running, and certainly not with the finances. He is only doing marketing.”

As well he sent a message to ‘Tim Brown’ directly, and received a short response claiming the post has false information, and saying a longer response would be forthcoming.

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