Your Wednesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

February 8, 2017

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Bicycle Coalition hopes to save cancelled Philly Cycling Classic with petition; Abuse of power in women’s cycling, an all too familiar story: Bridie O’Donnell; Jolien Verschueren ends season early; Corné van Kessel extends for two years; 1956 Tour de France winner Roger Walkowiak dead at 89; Former Australian track athlete says ‘experimental surgeries’ left her scarred; Bicycles shown in six Super Bowl advertisements; Teaser video for UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships; Peter Sagan training for the win; Video: Underwater spinning.

Abuse of power in women’s cycling, an all too familiar story: Bridie O’Donnell

by Bridie O'Donnell

Bridie O’Donnell is a National Road Series rider and has ridden professionally in Europe. O’Donnell also managed to set a UCI Hour Record last year in January, around her work as a physician, before current record holder Evelyn Stevens raised the bar again in February. After listening to the interview of Genevieve Jeanson by Ella CyclingTips journalist Anne-Marije Rook, she wrote this blog entry. Here is an excerpt:

In my case, I was supported and encouraged to escape this situation by my family, and I wasn’t trying to make a living or maintain my life, or my ‘image’ as an elite triathlete, so the process was nowhere near as inextricably linked as Jeanson’s; indeed, as she says, her doping was the ‘least of her problems’ and when you listen to the interview, you will agree.

In the five years I raced internationally, two of them were with Italian teams where I was isolated from other Australian riders or even English speaking people.

Being a rider in an Italian team was sort of a joke – you were ripe for being hit on, not paid, being screamed at, left at races, not fed, not given information, or physically assaulted. All those things happened to me.

But I was in my 30s and I had people I could call, and ‘chapters for my book’ as Beth Duryea would say. I feel like I survived, but only just. It wasn’t any easier that others just laughed it off like I was reiterating a stereotype, with a ‘what did you expect?’ look on their face.

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