November 2016 Product Picks: Pedalit, Fyxo, Schwalbe, Arundel, OORR, Kogel

by Matt Wikstrom

November 11, 2016

In this month’s edition of Product Picks, Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at bike cleaning products from Pedalit, Fyxo’s 2017 wall calendar, Kogel ceramic bearings, Arundel bottle cages, Schwalbe’s G-One gravel tyres, and OORR’s latest kit.

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Arundel Mandible bottle cage

by Matt Wikstrom

Established in the year 2000, Arundel (or Arundel Bicycle Company, as it is formally known) has been striving to achieve one simple goal: “come up with some cool bike equipment that people want to buy.” The company started with a single product, a carbon bottle cage. A decade-and-a-half later, there is now almost a dozen different bottle cages in Arundel’s catalogue along with bar tape, saddle bags, and bells.

The Mandible is a minimalist carbon bottle cage that weighs ~28g. Rather than simply cradle the bottle, the wings of the cage effectively bite down on the bottle so that it won’t rattle loose over rough terrain.


The Mandible is available in a choice of 11 finishes: gloss 3K weave, matte 3K weave, gloss unidirectional weave, matte unidirectional weave, all white, and gloss unidirectional weave with blue, green, orange, white, red or powder blue highlights.

Our take:

Arundel’s Mandible bottle cage is an elegant design that is incredibly effective at holding onto a bottle. Yes, that tight hold means a little more effort is required to insert and retrieve the bottle, but I was never frustrated or troubled by it. Be that as it may, I didn’t test a wide range of bottles, so there may be some brands that aren’t as well suited to the Mandible as others.


The Mandible is an expensive cage but the asking price is fair for an all-carbon product. Nevertheless, there is a huge range of cheaper options, so I don’t expect many riders to be tempted by the Mandible. However, with a time-proven design, this is one of those products that promises to keep on serving the owner long after the initial expense is forgotten.

Price: AUD$90/US$70.