Your Saturday Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

June 24, 2017

In today’s Daily News Digest: Yates and Chaves confirmed at head of Orica-Scott’s Tour team, Gerrans misses out; Contador’s Trek-Segafredo squad named for Tour de France; Martin shows solid pre-Tour form with seventh national TT championship; Cookson rejects claims he read and ignored 2012 Peter King report; Froome: ‘I have never been offered triamcinolone at Team Sky’; Behind the scenes insight into the work and character of Trek-Segafredo soigneur; Video: Steve Cummings speaks after winning British TT championships; Video: 2017 UCI Women’s WorldTour – Shara Gillow; Video: 2017 UCI Women’s WorldTour: Focus on DROPS Cycling Team; Video: Couch Time with Carlee Taylor – Episode 1

Behind the scenes insight into the work and character of Trek-Segafredo soigneur

by CyclingTips

The Trek-Segafredo squad is underlining that the team is more than just the riders, and has run several features this year documenting others involved with the organisation. The latest is team soigneur Tony Jouannais.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I try to create a relaxing environment. The room has to be nicely arranged. You can’t have things thrown around everywhere. There has to be space around the massage table, not too much light, a little music. It has to be calm, tidy, relaxing. I’m sure that any rider, in my room, knows that it is my room.

“I’m often with riders who are French speakers, but with the rest, I have to understand without words. I’m not bilingual. I tell my daughters, ‘Learn languages! You’ll be able to travel and speak with everyone. You’ll be open to the world.’ But the funny thing is, I find myself in countries all over the world, places I’d never imagined, but I’m no good at languages. It’s like, if you ask me to run a marathon in 2 hours 45 minutes, I’ll never do it!

“So I have to communicate through touch. I have to understand what the rider wants, where he has knots and muscle pain, where it feels sensitive. I have to use touch to convince them to have confidence in me because each rider wants something different. One wants a deeper massage, another wants something more superficial, some want you to avoid certain places, and so on.”

The full article gives plenty of additional insights into his character and background. You can read more on the Trek-Segafredo website.