Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

December 9, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: British Cycling investigation cleared Sutton of eight of nine charges; British government to bail out UK sport after shortfall; Herning to host 2017 European Road Cycling Championships; Geraint Thomas calls Wiggins’ TUE controversy a grey area; Storey says British Cycling controversies not a distraction; Gerrans to race Herald Sun Tour; Sun Tour Falls Creek finish extended to the resort; Pellizotti signs with Bahrain-Merida; Coach says Wiggins has enough for one more Olympics; Olympians headline Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals races; Pavlukhina signs with Astana Women’s Team; Police use audio from incident that killed cyclist in anti-drink driving campaign; Boardman calls for overhaul of British Highway Code; Woman rides high-wheel across America; Vancouver’s Multi-Modal Success Story; Bikepacking Vietnam: The Documentary.

British Cycling investigation cleared Sutton of eight of nine charges

by CyclingTips

Since Shane Sutton, the embattled former British Cycling technical director, was found guilty of inappropriate behaviour by an investigatory committee, it has since come out that the investigation had cleared him on eight of nine charges made against him by Jess Varnish. Only one count of using derogatory language was upheld — specifically that he used the word “bitches.” The subsequent counts, including allegations of bullying and use of sexist and discriminatory behaviour, were not upheld.


“I am shocked and upset by this latest news and have instructed my solicitor to appeal against the findings of the internal investigation on my behalf,” Jess Varnish told the BBC in reaction to the news. “Having provided substantial evidence to back up my complaints, to now learn that the majority were not upheld is heartbreaking. I know what was said, and I know I’ve told the truth. I have requested from British Cycling the full investigation report to understand why the weight of evidence provided by me and others wasn’t sufficient for the board to uphold my complaints.”

Sutton had requested to see the findings of the investigation and had promised to appeal, saying, “I will produce the evidence. Everything comes out in the dirty washing.”

Now the Varnish team is also requesting to see the findings. “They have managed to satisfy neither Jess nor Shane Sutton and to embarrass themselves in the process,” Varnish’s lawyer Simon Fenton said. “Everyone needs to see the full report to understand how they came to their conclusions and to challenge them if appropriate.”

The investigation is part of a larger, ongoing independent UK Sport review into the culture of British Cycling’s performance programme. Besides Varnish’s claims, there are other claims Sutton used derogatory words like “wobblies” and “gimps” to describe Para-athletes. Sutton has also denied those claims. He is currently under consideration for a similar position at Cycling Australia.

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