Your Thursday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

February 9, 2017

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Bruyneel responds to 60 Minutes report on motor doping

by CyclingTips

Former US Postal Service manager Johan Bruyneel responded to the insinuations made during the 60 Minutes report last month that Lance Armstrong used a motor in his bicycle during his Tour de France wins, saying that Greg Lemond is obsessed with blaming Armstrong for everything wrong in cycling.

“I do not know what’s wrong with LeMond. It’s not normal to be so obsessed with Armstrong,” he said in an interview with Belgian magazine Humo.

“60 Minutes wanted to accuse both Lance Armstrong and Team Sky on the use of mechanical doping. But the arguments were ridiculous: Istvan Varjas said nothing. He is just looking for publicity; I wonder how reliable he is. It was set up by Greg LeMond and his wife Kathy — they try to manipulate everything again to suspect Lance. But they have failed.”

Bruyneel said Armstrong was made aware of the program’s investigation and that his legal team had taken steps.

“Initially the program would have been much more aggressive. But they still implied their initial assertions by asking Varjas to install a motor in the type of bike that Lance won the Tour with in 1999. Ridiculous, because they used 2016 technology. Batteries in 1999 cannot be hidden in a bicycle frame — they were too big. I have people who know something about it.”

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