Colbrelli best in Italy, Pedersen in Denmark, UCI elections heat up: Your Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

September 15, 2017

Colbrelli wins Coppa Bernocchi; Mads Pedersen wins stage 3 of the PostNord Danmark Rundt; Cooper wins stage 3 of the Tour of China I; Tensions rise in UCI presidential race on allegations of position for McQuaid; Then there were seven: Australia adds Hosking and Neylan to Road Worlds team; Cummings withdraws from world championship TT after being passed over for road race; Race to the Rock: Carlsson blazes through the 3,000 km to Uluru in less than ten days; Tyler Farrar talks career, retirement and what’s next; A bump in the road of life: A Fyxo story; Video: Full recap of the 2017 UCI Women’s WorldTour; Video: Coffee anyone?; Video: Contador’s lap of honour; Video: Best of La Vuelta 2017; Video: World championship road race course preview

A bump in the road of life: A Fyxo story

by Matt de Neef

Andy White and his Fyxo website are legendary in the Melbourne cycling scene (and indeed beyond). The frames Andy restores, the stories he tells, the Melburn-Roobaix ride he organises every year – there’s a lot to like. Ten years ago Andy was involved in a crash that very nearly put an end to his cycling (and more). If you’re a fan of the Fyxo brand, or you just want to read a well-told story about the lessons learned through an unfortunate accident, check out Andy’s excellent post.

Here’s an excerpt:

I remember sitting in emergency, staring at my shoes in the only comfortable position I knew at this point and hearing the familiar click of heels on tiles. Melodie had left work to see me and I could tell she was nearly as shaken. Finally my name was called and I went to the window. I handed my X-Ray across the counter and the nurse pulled them out and dropped them almost instantly.
‘Don’t fucking move,’ she said.
‘Is this serious?’ I replied.
‘Deadly fucking serious.’ she said and had now called staff to help secure me to a board with my head strapped to it. I remember hearing her say to a colleague ‘YES – he fucking walked in here like that!’ as my vision was now fixed at the ceiling.

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