August 2016 Product Picks: BDop, Clément, Didit, Phew, Silca, Wheel Fanatyk

by Matt Wikstrom

August 16, 2016

Photography by Matt Wikstrom

In this month’s edition of Product Picks, Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at an aluminium cassette from BDop, race tyres from Clément, winter gloves from Phew, Silca’s new range of tubeless vales and rim tape, a spoke tension meter from Wheel Fanatyk, and trophy decals from Didits.

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Clément LCV clincher tyres

by Matt Wikstrom

Clément continues to make use of airport codes to differentiate each model in its road tyre range. In this instance, LCV is the code for the airport in Lucca, a Tuscan city with an ancient walled town at its centre that is perhaps best known as the home of Mario Cipollini and host of the 2013 world championships, where Rui Costa triumphed in the men’s road race.

The LCV is a lightweight vulcanised race tyre with a small twist: the casing has varying thread counts, which according to Clément, allows the tyre to be tough and supple at the same time. The LCV also features an integrated puncture-resistant belt yet a 23mm tyre weighs around 180g.

The LCV is available in one colour (black) and two sizes (23 and 25mm) with another (28mm) on its way.


Our take:

The 25mm LCV sent for review weighed in at 211g each, which puts them in the same realm as open tubulars made by Veloflex and Vittoria. After I installed the tyres on a set of 23mm alloy rims and inflated them to 60-70psi, they measured 26mm wide.

At 70psi, the tyres were firm and quite unyielding, so I dropped the pressure to 60psi and enjoyed plenty of grip and comfort. This may seem like a low pressure to some readers, however wide tyres (>23mm) always require lower pressures. It also illustrates how much difference 10psi can make to the performance of a tyre.

At 60psi, the combination of the LCV’s low weight, grip and suppleness made it a fine choice for long rides. I tackled a variety of paved and unpaved roads without any punctures over the course of several hundred kilometres. And while I didn’t spend much time on wet roads, I was always confident in the grip of the tyres.


With an asking pricing of AUD$100, the LCV is expensive, however this is a fine race-oriented tyre, and one that deserves to be mated with latex tubes for maximum suppleness.

Price: AUD$100/US$75. (Australian distributor)