Your Tuesday Daily News Digest

by Neal Rogers

November 29, 2016

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Kenya’s Samwel Mwangi undergoes amputation after broken femur at Tour du Rwanda; Colombian Mario Paz Duque tests positive for EPO at Red Hook Crit in Milan; JLT-Condor team bikes stolen from warehouse in London; Tasmanian state government passes new laws to protect cyclists; Carmen Small starts new career path, takes on rider-director role in Danish team; Mara Abbott reunited with stolen commuter bike; Video trailer: Etixx QuickStep’s ‘One Year in Blue’ documents 2016 season; Video trailer: IAM Cycling’s ‘Keep Fighting’ from 2016 Tour de France

Colombian Mario Paz Duque tests positive for EPO at Red Hook Crit in Milan

by CyclingTips

Colombian cyclist Mario Paz Duque tested positive for EPO at an in-competition anti-doping test at the Milan round of the Red Hook Criterium on October 1, according to a release from race management that was reported at

Duque is now banned for life from the Red Hook Criterium fixed-gear series and all Trimble Racing events.

The designated in-competition controls were administered by the RHC’s independent anti-doping officials and the tests were carried out by the Sports Medicine Research & Testing Laboratory, a World Anti-Doping Agency accredited laboratory. The positive test is the first doping revelation for the RHC series, which is comprised of fixed-gear races in Brooklyn, London, Milan, and Barcelona.

“The RHC has shared these results with the relevant National Anti-Doping Organization and encourages all race organizers in the track bike criterium community to recognize our anti-doping sanctions,” the statement read. “As a reminder, taking performance enhancing drugs is not only unfair, it also has dangerous health implications. We encourage teammates, friends and team managers to report any known doping use. The RHC is founded on the principles of pure competition, and we are committed to keeping our sport clean.”

In recent years, the fixed-gear race began attracting riders with professional road racing credentials. Paz Duque competes on Paraguay’s Vivo Team Grupo Oresy road team, which is registered as a UCI Continental team.

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