Aru confirms Giro ride; Viviani chasing more success: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

February 20, 2018

After mulling over decision, Aru confirms Giro d’Italia participation; Viviani chasing further success in Abu Dhabi Tour; Boom delays season start following heart surgery, but is aiming to return in Paris-Nice; The SHEcret Pro: lies of equality, accidental doping, and kit fashion; Cycling writer Tilin tragically killed while riding in Texas; Winter Olympian’s father rides 17,000 kilometres to see son compete; Perth bike path speed bump trial set to force speeding cyclists to slow down; Video: 4 Days Of Cycling With Phil Gaimon (Fog, Mud, and a KOM)

Cycling writer Tilin tragically killed while riding in Texas

by CyclingTips

Former Outside editor and longtime contributor Andrew Tilin was killed while riding his bike on Saturday, being struck by a car in Austin, Texas. Tilin wrote about cycling on several occasions, including in an article called ‘I Couldn’t Be More Positive,’ which detailed his attempt to detail doping in amateur cycling.

“That investigation included offering himself up as a human guinea pig and taking testosterone while he competed in a number of big races,” recollected Christopher Keyes, Outside’s vice president and editor. “It was a provocative and brave decision, one that led to a lot of praise and condemnation among his peers, important conversations in the cycling community, and an outstanding book, The Doper Next Door.”

According to an article printed in Outside, Tilin’s sister Tracy Tilin McKendall said that he was on a group ride in misty conditions when he was forced to stop due to a puncture. She said that a passing car skidded on slick pavement, in turn hitting another vehicle which struck Tilin.

One of the riders in the group was a surgeon and tried to save him, but was unable to do so. Tilin was hailed as ‘an incredible human being’ by Keyes, while Mark Bryant, who hired him to work for the magazine in 1991, was similarly complementary.

“Andrew was one of those rare people who truly radiated joy for his work, for the values of the magazine, and for the people he loved-and there were many of them,” he said of the 52 year old.

Click through to read the full story on Outside and here to read a moving tribute by cycling lawyer and advocate Megan Hottman.