Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

February 10, 2017

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: ‘I like round numbers:’ Roche pinpoints desired career end point; Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards: Young Cyclist Assistance recipients announced; CyclingTips podcast, Episode 25: Risk vs reward: What drives amateur bike racers to risk life and limb?; Impey, Moolman-Pasio win South African TT titles; No culture of fear at British Cycling according to former coach; Chairman of British Cycling steps down; Tour de France stage winner Serge Baguet dies at 47; Bardet ready to start racing; Route change for Tour de Langkawi; Motorist charged with killing two cyclists routinely drove while drinking; Study claims psychological problems for people who post fitness achievements on social media; Hydrographics on a bike frame; Abu Dhabi Tour teaser video.

CyclingTips podcast, Episode 25: Risk vs reward: What drives amateur bike racers to risk life and limb?

by Neal Rogers

The recent near-death experience of Masters racer Mike Allec highlighted the inherent dangers of bike racing — not just at the professional level, but across all categories. Unlike endurance sports such as running, swimming, and Nordic skiing, bike racing brings with it the possibility of a high-impact collision at all times. Whether you’re 18 or 81, hurtling your bicycle into tight spaces at high speeds brings with it a very real possibility of road rash, broken bones, or worse.

And while younger riders are generally fearless, and may well be pursuing a career in pro cycling, for amateur and Masters racers, the willingness to risk injury for their passion is based on intangibles. To simply call it a weekend “hobby” just doesn’t do it justice.

In this podcast, Elden Nelson and U.S. Editor Neal Rogers speak with Mike Allec about his close call — which almost mirrored a fatal incident at the 2012 LOTOJA amateur race — and how, even for the team manager of a regional road squad, it’s changed his outlook on competition.

In addition to sharing their own “worst race-accident stories” — Elden at Leadville 100, and Neal at the CrossVegas Wheelers & Dealers race — our hosts also speak with elite amateur racers Frank Cundiff, from Virginia, and Sarah Barber, from Idaho, who discuss the rewards they get from racing, and how they reconcile that with the very real risk of injury.