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by Shane Stokes

June 20, 2017

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Cyclist writes own obituary to highlight dangers riders face

by CyclingTips

Peter Flax is a name that will likely be familiar to a lot of CyclingTips readers; the American has written some fine articles for this website over the past year or more. He also contributes to other publications and, following a near-miss with a Porsche this month, has taken a highly unusual step: he has written his own obituary to highlight how close that near-miss was to tragedy.

It’s thought-provoking and worth a read.

Here’s an excerpt:

Since Flax had moved to L.A. three years earlier, he’d logged way more than a thousand hours of riding without getting hit. He was always pretty damned careful. He also was aware that statistics indicate that bike riding is getting less deadly—particularly in America’s larger cities, where participation is growing faster than the number of serious crashes. On paper, it’s getting safer.

Yet as Flax knew from riding city streets on dark nights, it can feel less reassuring out on the pavement. Hundreds of cyclists are getting killed; last year at least 32 cyclists were lost to fatal crashes in Los Angeles County alone. There are more bikes on the road and more drivers fiddling with mobile phones, a disconcerting combination. And thanks to social and digital media, it’s nearly impossible to sidestep some scary issues—the victim blaming, the number of fatal hit and runs, the disregard many drivers have for cyclists and pedestrians.

Flax understood the dangers. Whenever he thought about death, he thought there was a very real chance it would happen on the bike. That sad truth never made him want to stop riding his bicycle. Bikes were part of the fabric of his life.

Click through to read the full article at Outside.