Your Thursday Daily News Digest

by Neal Rogers

July 20, 2017

In today’s Daily News Digest: Roglic solos to Tour de France stage victory in Alps, Aru loses GC time; Kittel forced to abandon Tour de France after crash, cedes green jersey to Matthews; David Lappartient makes radical pitch for Brian Cookson’s UCI presidency; After postponed awakening from coma, Claudia Cretti shows first signs of awareness; UCI, transgender athlete settle human rights application to promote inclusive sporting environments; Cascade Cycling Classic issues statement after criticism of UCI women’s prize purse; Photo of Pawel Poljanski’s bulging veins reaches mainstream media; Video: GoPro’s Tour de France Stage 17 highlights; Video: ‘How cool is that?’ Michael Matthews gets police escort to team hotel after Stage 16 victory.

David Lappartient makes radical pitch for Brian Cookson’s UCI presidency

by CyclingTips

European cycling boss David Lappartient will rip up the men’s road racing calendar, ramp up the fight against mechanical doping and ban corticosteroids if he is elected as UCI president.

The 44-year-old Frenchman is challenging British incumbent Brian Cookson, with the vote taking place during the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen, Norway, on September 21. Having already announced his six key principles, Lappartient published his 31-page manifesto on Tuesday.

The manifesto calls for a complete overhaul of men’s professional road cycling by suggesting the calendar should be divided into three categories of series: the three grand tours, one-day classics and the shorter stage races.These series should then be ‘sequenced’ on the calendar ‘by continent and race type’, with prize money available for each series. The document also calls for the budgets allocated to professional teams to be ‘monitored’, which suggests a form of football’s ‘financial fair play’ may be considered.

In order to tackle the sport’s long-standing reliance on commercial sponsors, Lappartient wants to study the possibility of pooling broadcast rights and selling them via the UCI and developing a ‘mutualized’ production service to ensure high-quality TV broadcasts. The former French cycling federation boss also wants to abolish the team time-trial event for professional teams at the annual world road championships, stage a championships in Africa, ban team radios, hold the world championships on courses made up of circuits to cut broadcast costs and boost crowds, and bring the sport’s four main disciplines together every fourth year for a combined world championships.

With 45 voting delegates to impress at September’s UCI Congress, Lappartient is understood to have significant support from within Europe, while Cookson is believed to be popular in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

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