Lobato leaves LottoNL Jumbo; MPCC wants Froome suspension: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

December 19, 2017

Team LottoNL-Jumbo confirms Lobato’s departure, suspends Tolhoek and Eenkhoorn; MPCC calls on Sky to suspend Froome, wants UCI to investigate team TUE use; Doctor has serious concerns over Froome case; Dowsett ‘in tears’ after near miss with Porsche driver; Miguel Angel Lopez extends with Astana until 2020; Bresciani cleared to return to racing: rider had claimed mother’s tablet caused his doping positive; Hinault: Froome’s career could be over; Charity fundraising record set by Prudential RideLondon initiative; Inquest into death of ultra-endurance rider Mike Hall to be held in February; Video: Roadtripping Victoria’s High Country – Teaser; Video: Camille McMillan: Un-Lost Exhibition

Dowsett ‘in tears’ after near miss with Porsche driver

by VeloClub

Movistar team rider Alex Dowsett has written on social media about an extremely close call he had while out training on Monday. “I spend 20+hours a week on the road so I have my fair share of near misses. This sounds like it’s quite ok when in reality it really, really isn’t, but for us it literally is an occupational hazard and part of our daily routine,” he stated via his Facebook page.

“Today was different as it was almost so much more than a near miss. I’m a respectful cyclist, I ride over to the left, if I’m with people, which I wasn’t today, and when we are 2 abreast we use common sense for as and when to single out. I get equally as angry at the cyclists who ride disrespectfully because it gives us a bad name, and I understand this because I’m a car driver as well as a cyclist and I try to remember this when I’m both in my car and on my bike.

“Today a new red Porsche Cayenne overtook another car but in doing so he came straight at me on my side of the road, doing, I would guess (given it was an overtake in a powerful car) around 60-80mph. I was doing 25mph. A head on at this speed is an impact speed of 85-105mph with a 2040kg car and an 80kg me… you can do the consequences maths.

“Needless to say had I not reacted with a veer to the left a deep breathe in and pulling my shoulders and elbows in then I likely wouldn’t be writing this tweet or post, perhaps not a tweet or post ever again.”

Click through to read the full post on his Facebook page.