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by Mark Zalewski

July 2, 2016

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Female Trans America endurance racer out to break cycle of prejudice

by CyclingTips

Lael Wilcox won this year’s Trans America bike race, beating her nearest rival Steffen Streich by more than two hours and smashing previous records for a female competitor in the endurance event. Her time of 18 days and 10 minutes was only four hours shy of the overall course record set by Mike Hall in the inaugural race in 2014.

Lael Wilcox fist pump

Wilcox told The Guardian about her experience and the prejudicial reactions that came along with a female winning the overall, including people commenting on message boards that she must have cheated to beat a man.

“Part of the reason why I do races like this are for the result. People will tell you that you really can’t do what you do. They’ll still say that I’m lying, that I haven’t ridden my bike that much, that I haven’t been to all the places I’ve been to. The thing with the race is that it’s proof.”

Some have argued that women are more adept at ultra endurance events like this, but Wilcox likes these races because anyone can do it, regardless of gender.

“I feel like it doesn’t really make much difference. The thing I like about these kind of races is that I think it’s a pretty open playing field. I really think women can compete in these endurance events. Anybody could. You bring different skills to the race. But it’s not limited by stature, which I think is pretty exciting.”

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