Fi'zi:k Luce

Spring 2017 Women’s Product Picks: Fi’zi:k, Giro, Mavic, Bontrager, Lumos and Topical Edge

by Anne-Marije Rook

May 4, 2017

It’s been a long and dreary winter and spring for many North Americans as the rainy months just kept going and going. But now that spring weather is finally here (kinda), Ella editor Anne-Marije Rook has been able to put in some outside miles and test some new and fun product.

She’s been rotating through various shoes, helmets and apparel while fighting off muscle fatigue with Topical Edge. A lifestyle cyclist first and foremost, Rook has been riding around the city in the dark hours to test the visibility of Bontrager’s safety apparel as well as the crowd-funded Aster commuter backpack.

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Fi'zi:k Luce

Fi’zi:k Luce Carbon Saddle

by VeloClub

Reviewing saddles is a tricky thing. Saddles are the most personal part of the bike, and so what works for one person may be torture for another. Finding a saddle that works for you can be a long quest. In general, we suggest trying many saddles until you find one that you find comfortable. When you do find ‘the one’, buy several of them so that your quest doesn’t start all over when a manufacturer decided to stop making your beloved perch.

But as the women’s market continues to grow, more research is dedicated to the female rider and her needs.  The all new Luce saddle by Fi’zi:k is a prime example of that.

Fi'zi:k Luce

With popular models like the Vitesse, Vesta and Arione Donna, plenty of women have found their way to Fi’zi:k’s line of saddles already, but the Italian brand spent the past three years working on understanding their female customers better.

They set up focus groups, asked for feedback online, visited stores and spoke to retailers. They also analysed women’s riding experiences, shopping habits and lifestyles.

The result? One saddle to do away with both the Arione Donne and the Vitesse. Yet one that is available in two width –a first for Fi’zi:k.

Available in regular (144mm) and large (155mm), the all new Luce is a high performance saddle that comes in a carbon and alloy version.

The Luce stood out immediately because it’s the first among fi’zi:k’s women’s line to feature a cut out. It also appeared to be slightly padded –without being squishy –and features a wide, almost square, sitting area.

Fi'zi:k Luce

The shape has three defined areas to accommodate a variety of positions: a wide sitting area, a narrow middle with a long cut-out to alleviate soft-tissue pressure, and a long well-padded nose for those in the most aggressive forward position.

These sections are reflected in the way the skeleton or shell of the saddle is made. The Luce has a a carbon  reinforced  nylon spine with two flexible yet strong side panels –or wings –made from a thermoplastic elastomer.

The saddle sits on carbon rails and comes in at just 185 grams.

Our take:

Whereas the Arione Donna was pure torture for me, I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort of the Luce.

The cut out is a welcome addition as is the elongated nose.  I tend to ride in an aggressive, forward leaning position, which means I sit more on the middle and the nose of a saddle than the wide back. The elongated nose is key in preventing chafing issues and the padding in the very front of the saddle is a feature as well.

The ability for the saddle to flex with the rider made long days in the saddle easier and I experienced only minor issues.

I still think the cut-out could be wider but the three years of research and  rider input seems to have paid off for fi’zi:k, as the Luce is by far the most comfortable saddle in their line-up that I have ridden.

Fi'zi:k Luce

Price: €179.00 / $200 USD