Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

July 14, 2016

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Flamme rouge incident malicious?

by CyclingTips

Following the incident of the flamme rouge inflatable collapsing during stage seven of the Tour de France, the ASO initially said that a spectator’s belt caught and unplugged the power cable to the generator that powered the inflation of the structure. However, a new report says that it may have been an intentional action that caused it to collapse.

“If the generator fails or loses power, it wouldn’t deflate that quickly. We have had a generator fail before and still managed to keep similar structures up,” an employee, who wished to remain nameless, told Cyclist.

The official explanation originated out of one spectator, but the employee believes it would take removal of a pin to cause the structure to collapse so quickly and that none of the employees saw anything wrong with the power.

There were also rumors that farmers in the region were not happy about Tour de France running through their area.

“We have believed for a while that there should be more security around the flamme rouge,” the employee said.

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