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Garfoot wins at Santos Women’s Tour, UKAD faults British Cycling: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

January 13, 2018

Garfoot prevails through cross winds and climbs at Santos Women’s Tour Stage 2; UK Anti Doping believes British Cycling may have hampered Jiffy Bag investigation; Freddy Ovett on smashing Melbourne’s 1 in 20 record: ‘Sub-12 is gettable’; Dibben: The Classics are the big aim; Van Gogh writes about ‘mental hell’ of gender dysphoria; Video: Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros. – Ep. 2 Malibu w/ Phil Gaimon; Video: TL 3 – Total Lughnasadh 2017; Video: Col de Pailhères (Mijanès) – Cycling Inspiration & Education

Freddy Ovett on smashing Melbourne’s 1 in 20 record: ‘Sub-12 is gettable’

by Matt de Neef

The 1 in 20 is Melbourne’s most popular cycling climb, a gentle 6.8km stretch in the Dandenong Ranges that rises at roughly 4% average (yes, not quite 1 in 20). Speak to any local rider of a certain level and they’ll be able to tell you their best time for this famous stretch of tarmac between The Basin and Sassafras.

For the past few years, the Strava record up the 1 in 20 has been held by local pro Brendan Canty. There are multiple Strava segments for the climb, but based on the classic Cycle2Max segment, Canty’s best time is 13:05. That record appears to have been broken, and by quite a considerable margin.

On Thursday, former runner turned cyclist Freddy Ovett attempted a new record on the 1 in 20 and set a truly staggering time of 12:24 — more than 40 seconds faster than Canty. It’s also quicker than the fastest documented 1 in 20 ascent — Trent Lowe’s 13:02 in 2002 — and even faster than the 12:35 that Nathan O’Neill is rumoured to have done back in the day. CyclingTips spoke with 23-year-old Ovett to learn more about his ride. The following is a lightly edited transcript of that conversation.

CyclingTips: How did this attempt come about? It looks like you were just out for a cruisy ride and then you just had a crack at the KOM?

Freddy Ovett: Yeah. I had a few easy days after [the Australian Road] Nationals obviously. Nationals was going well until three laps to go I just had a major cramp and locked up and had to get off the bike and that was that. So that was frustrating as I knew how well I was going.

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