November 2016 Product Picks: Pedalit, Fyxo, Schwalbe, Arundel, OORR, Kogel

by Matt Wikstrom

November 11, 2016

In this month’s edition of Product Picks, Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at bike cleaning products from Pedalit, Fyxo’s 2017 wall calendar, Kogel ceramic bearings, Arundel bottle cages, Schwalbe’s G-One gravel tyres, and OORR’s latest kit.

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Fyxo 2017 wall calendar

by Matt Wikstrom

For those unfamiliar with Fyxo, the man behind it (Andy White) has a deep fascination for all things bikes with a bias for classic steel road bikes. Not content with building and riding them, Andy has devoted considerable energy to photographing bikes as well, and his wall calendars serve as something of a greatest hits compilation from his deep inventory of shots.

Like all great calendars, there is a different model for each month of the year plus a bonus centerfold. In addition, Fyxo has taken the time to note the most important dates of the year, namely the classics, world championships, and the French and Italian grand tours.


Our take:

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitised and paperless, this wall calendar is a something of a blast from the past. It’s a fitting testimony to the classic bikes that are featured within its pages, and aside from the upfront cost, buyers can enjoy this calendar all year without any ongoing charges or the need to plug it in.


Price: $AUD26 (~US$20).
Find the calendar and the rest of the FYXO range at the CyclingTips Emporium.