Gaimon responds to Cancellara’s lawyers; best sprints of 2017: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 15, 2017

Gaimon responds to Cancellara’s lawyers: ‘I stand by my opinion, but it’s exactly that’; Velon details most powerful sprints of 2017; Malseed signs for Team Tibco – Silicon Valley Bank; Newly-crowned world champion Jennifer Valente re-signs with Shoair Twenty20; Lexus announced as naming rights sponsor for Detroit’s new velodrome; Video: 1990s downhill MTB race; Video: Leticia Bufoni backflips a BMX bike; Video: Racing cyclocross through a Swiss castle

Gaimon responds to Cancellara’s lawyers: ‘I stand by my opinion, but it’s exactly that’

by VeloClub

Phil Gaimon has responded to the demand by Fabian Cancellara’s lawyers to withdraw his book from sale and to issue an apology, indicating that he will do neither.

The former pro issued his autobiographical Draft Animals book this autumn which discussed Cancellara’s dominant victories in the 2010 Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. “When you watch the footage, his accelerations don’t look natural at all, like he’s having trouble staying on the top of the pedals,” he wrote. “That fucker probably did have a motor.”

This prompted the lawyers’ demands on Monday, and was followed by Gaimon’s response. “In Draft Animals, I repeated a rumour that’s well-documented and many years old, and I presented it as such. I stand by my opinion, but it’s exactly that, and anyone who actually opened the book would know that what I said was far from an ‘accusation.’

“Put a gun to my head and that’s what I believe so I’d be a liar if I left it out, but I claim no revelations or proof, so I don’t see it being “taken off the shelves” except by the folks buying it. Ironically, that part in the book is dismissing conspiracy theories about motors today as clickbait, and it’s now been turned into clickbait.”

Gaimon’s statement also addresses his friendship with Tom Danielson and criticism from people who say he is ‘not being enough of a doper hater.’ “I didn’t expect this to be pulled out of context or turned into mudslinging, and I’m sorry for anyone who’s wasted time or energy on it,” he states. “That’s not how I wanted to sell books, and it’s not worth this headache.”

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