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by Mark Zalewski

June 16, 2016

In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Atapuma wins first Suisse climbing stage; Nail biting final sees Majerus win stage 1 in the Aviva Women’s Tour; Five bicycles in Kalamazoo; Cameron Meyer leaves Dimension Data with immediate effect; Ryder on Meyer leaving Dimension Data: ‘It’s sad for all of us’; The races across and down America: Infected dog bites, a record holder out and flat batteries; Gay cycling champ promotes an authentic and visible life; Police searching for man placing tacks along cycling routes; IAM Cycling bus gets stuck at Tour de Suisse; Thousands of naked cyclists hope to increase awareness in Mexico; On-board footage from Tour de Suisse, stage 4; A day with Toms Skujins at Tour de Suisse; Spanish paralympian training for Rio

Gay cycling champ promotes an authentic and visible life

by CyclingTips

Amateur racer Brendan Housler wrote an inspiring piece about his decision to come out as gay, amidst the stereotypically straight and masculine world of competitive cycling. He talks about what it means to him to finally accept himself and what he calls, “becoming authentic and visible.”

A month ago I said I would never post something like this, but it’s been on my mind the past month after coming out to my fam (blood & non blood). And now, I want to be the one to tell you, so you don’t hear it second hand. My barometer has been: do I care if this person hears this from me, or second hand in a week, month, whenever. Words travel quickly and it’s getting impossible to personally tell everyone, especially those not based in roc. So, going shotgun approach. And honestly, I don’t know if I should post this, but there’s that “sharer” part of me that feels like I’ve hid it long enough. While over the years I thought things like my exceptional use of emoji or over emotional #shitgirlssay style of expression through words or proper kick game or many other mannerisms were great clues, I’ve surprised/shocked/stunned a handful of family and friends over the past month, so my guess is you probably don’t know either. I want you to know. This is me. Still dat A type alpha turn up heyo nuevo jets go that you’ve always known. Just another layer that I’m finally okay with. Please don’t think much will change except that I will share people in my life with you that are amazing & make me a better person. No one in particular now, but there have been in the past. I do apologize for hiding who I am and for not being ? . Just, yeah, different confusing shit that my brain was like “ehhhhh, you don’t need to share this.” I’ve always asked my friends to never lie & have no secrets. What a crock of shit from me. So yeah, that’s not cool and my bad, for real. While I never felt like this defined me, it is part of my definition, it is part of Brendan.

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Here is an excerpt from the piece:

I’m a six-time New York State elite men’s cycling champion and have been running the Nalgene Cycling team when I am not selling medical devices for my distributorship. And I am an open and proud gay man.

Coming out? I refer to it as “letting people in.” You’re finally sharing your authentic self with those around you. It’s a funny and sad thing that the process of defining your sexuality to the world exists, but it’s just where we are as a society. One of these days, it will just exist in the open, but only through visibility can true change occur.

Once I decided that enough was enough, that I was ready to face the unknown changes that would occur by coming out, I began telling friends and family; and, yes, Instagram. My life instantly evolved and everything became better. The changes were amazing.

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