Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

November 4, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Haas on Lachlan Morton: ‘His potential is limitless if he wants it to be’; Armstrong appears in federal court as judge hears arguments; Helen Wyman posts update on medical condition; The Death of the Local Bike Shop?; Bike stolen from cyclist killed in hit-and-run; British Cycling emphasising ‘culture’ in search for performance director; Bjarne Riis becomes partner in Danish team Virtu Pro-Veloconcept; Stan Siejka Classic final race for Tasmanian trio of Goss, Sulzberger brothers; Trek issues recall of select Farley fatbike models; Cyclist crowdfunding South Pole record attempt; Research studies of air pollution affects high-speed cyclists; Researchers test altruism with staged bicycle accident; Strider Bike World Championship.

Haas on Lachlan Morton: ‘His potential is limitless if he wants it to be’

by VeloClub

He’s been one of the biggest talents in pro cycling, but also one of the most unpredictable. However, with Lachlan Morton now set for a WorldTour return, a past and future teammate, Nathan Haas, has forecast that he is on the verge of really delivering on his potential. Here is an excerpt from the feature:

“I think on our team, one of the things that is absolutely amazing is that we have such a different squad,” he explained. “The number of different nationalities we have must be most in the whole WorldTour. Taking that into account, we have a lot of different personalities from culture, and also from people being people.

“Our team has had to learn how to manage different personalities and different needs and different perspectives and different ideas and different ways to plan and prepare for races. Different ways to motivate tactically. Different ways to get guys to actually buy into a plan from a communication perspective.”

Because of that flexibility and the people skills it requires, he believes it will be the right environment for Morton to thrive.

“I think for Lachie this is probably the most ideal home. It is a very hands-on team, but if you want it to be hands-off as well, as long as you are getting what you need to be getting done, the team also understands that. So I think it is a very peaceful place. As soon as the student is ready to learn, the teacher presents himself. So I think for Lachie, when he is going to want to be switched off, he can do that. That said, I know that in those times, Lachie trains harder than anyone, he is going to be able to do what he needs to do.”

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