Bakelants begins road to recovery, BMC hunts China success: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 17, 2017

Bakelants surgery successful: ‘The road to recovery will be long, but I can start it’ ; BMC Racing Team chasing late-season success in Tour of Guangxi; WorldTour winner: Cortina (Bahrain-Merida) takes Red Hook Crit debut in Milan; Ed Sheeran breaks arm in cycling accident, reportedly hit by a car; Prison sentence given to father of rider who deliberately caused others to crash; Hansen threatened with deportation from Europe; Siggaard signs contract for another year with Team Virtu; Watch live streaming of 2018 Tour de France presentation on Tuesday; Video: Cippo di Carpegna (Pantani’s Climb) with Davide Cassani – Cycling Inspiration & Education

Hansen threatened with deportation from Europe

by VeloClub

Lotto-Soudal rider Adam Hansen was reluctantly forced to resort to the old ‘do you not know me?’ approach, or version thereof, after being threatened with a large fine and deportation from Europe recently. Writing on the Velon website about the upcoming Tour of Guangxi in China, Hansen also spoke about his unexpected and unwelcome drama with airport officials.

“I had a bit of a nightmare with my visa for China. I was heading to train in the UAE from Vienna airport, but I’d sent my Italian passport to Milan to get my visa for Guangxi. I was travelling on my Australian passport and they couldn’t find the stamp for entering Europe. I said – “I entered on my Italian passport,” and they said – “Well where is it?” I said – “It’s in Milan at the Chinese embassy.”

They said: “Well you’ve overstayed in Europe, so you get deported directly to Australia.” They took me out the back and I was interviewed. They wanted to give me a €3,000 fine on top of deporting me.

It was a bit stressful. I didn’t like to use the line, but I said: “Google me, you’ll see I’m a cyclist and I’m going to race in China.” They Googled me and let me go.”

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