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by Mark Zalewski

November 4, 2016

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Helen Wyman posts update on medical condition

by CyclingTips

British cyclocross racer Helen Wyman (Kona) posted a update to her medical condition, following the bad crash she suffered on Sunday at the European Championship.

Sorry for the radio silence, but my hand hadn’t worked. This is pre-fix

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“As most of you will know I was in a crash at the start of the European Champs on Sunday. I went down pretty hard but I’m happy to report I’m on the road to recovery,” she wrote. “Yesterday I had surgery on both of my knees, my shoulder and my collarbone. I also had some repair work on my chin. It was just short of 3 hours, and was my first every surgery. I’m the proud owner of some new metalwork to make airport travel just that little bit more fun in future.”

She and teammate Nikki Brammeier touched wheels in the chaos after the start of the race and crashed, with Wyman taking the worse of it. “I’ve exchanged messages with Nikki who also crashed and received some nasty facial injuries. She’s on the mend now.”

“Thanks to all of the medical staff that have help me over the past 4 days, our friends that have helped babysit me and all the people that have sent kind messages. I’ll reply to more when Mr W allows me more screen time, when my concussion is definitely all clear. But you can just accept this as a thank you and a like.”

“When my knees start improving I can consider getting back on the bike. Until then, I’m focused on me.”

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