Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

May 31, 2016

In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Cimolai wins first road stage at Tour of Japan; UCI announces new safety rules concerning motorbike use in races; Giant-Alpecin nearly back to full strength; Etixx-QuickStep satisfied with Giro results; Dowsett breaks British 25 mile time trial record; Ex-pro David Cañada dies in Gran Fondo accident; Martyn Irvine considering return; How to survive racing at the development level; Australia announces Rio Paralympic team; Ducks could not care less about bike racing

How to survive racing at the development level

by CyclingTips

If you ever wonder what it takes to work your way up to the top level of the sport — the level where you fly to races and a team bus takes you from place to place — then a glance at the blog entry from Louisa Lobigs of the Australian women’s national development team should enlighten you.

Courtesy: Cycling Australia

Her ‘Survivors Guide’ begins with the usual data points collected over the 23 race days, such as wins (4), top-finishes and the like.

But in the next section she tells us about the less fun side of racing.

“133 hours 17 min of ‘van time’ or time driving (according to Google maps … lets add another hour per trip to account for pee stops, fueling, food stops) that’s around 148 hours!!! 13,399 km distance covered while sitting in the van.”

“It was hard, it was cold, it was long drives, it was small hotel rooms, it was about building strong friendships, it was cobbles, it was about survival, it was about thriving, it was winning, it was losing, it was making mistakes, it was learning, it was basically an unforgettable and life changing experience. And I think all of us can walk away from this trip with our heads held high and feel proud of the team that we created together.”

Click through to read more at Cycling Australia.