Your Wednesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

March 8, 2017

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Bennett wins Paris-Nice, stage 3; An interview with Paul Kimmage: Team Sky’s charade has been exposed; “I was officially burnt out”: Time to stop and look at the bigger picture; Noticeable split among Team Sky riders in voicing support of Brailsford; Gianni Savio continues fight for Giro invite; Janse van Rensburg abandons Paris-Nice after crash; Colorado Classic to be televised, streamed; Rupert Guinness to race across Australia; Second attempt at Year Record for rider two years after first try ended in crash; Research finds air pollution worse for drivers than cyclists on London roadway; 2017 Paris-Nice, stage 3 highlights; No Ordinary Night Film Contest 2016/17 – The Winners.

“I was officially burnt out”: Time to stop and look at the bigger picture

by Kate Perry

Kate Perry was the only amateur on the podium at the Australian Road Nationals time trial, beating professionals on her way to a third place. While that should have kicked off a summer of Australian racing, it instead resulted in a downward trajectory that pushed her to take stock and hit the reset button. The Specialized Women’s racing rider talks openly and frankly about her situation. Here is an excerpt:

I have wanted to write this piece for a while now, not because I want people to feel sorry for me, or to make an excuse for my poor results on the bike of late, but to show that sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. We convince ourselves that everything is okay, when in fact it is isn’t, and to raise awareness that our bodies have this amazing ability to keep on going, until we stop. Sometimes we need to stop. We need to take a step back, draw ourselves away from the distractions, away from the noise, and just be ourselves. It is okay to fall in a heap, and sometimes it takes a catalyst to show us something that we have been choosing not to see.

I fell in a heap at the end of January. Actually, I started to fall in a heap the moment I crossed the line after the Nationals Road Race. The elation of pulling off my biggest result to date in the ITT (individual time trial), pouring everything I had into the 30km TT, both physically and mentally in what had been a testing lead-up.

I then pulled myself together momentarily, just enough to scrape through two UCI tours and the busiest week of my working year. I successfully distracted myself from the emotional exhaustion that comes with the ending of a relationship, and I ran my body into the ground resulting in a very unhealthy immune system and consequent infection. All I had been telling myself was that I needed to get to the end of the month, just get through January. Just get to the end of the month. And get to the end I did.

What I hadn’t anticipated was how long it would take me to bounce back. In typical cyclist fashion, I had a small ‘offie’ (week off the bike) which typically in the past has been enough to reset and then I’m hungry for more. Not this time.

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