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by Mark Zalewski

June 15, 2016

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Interview: Why Phil Gaimon believes Danielson wasn’t doping

by VeloClub

Regarded as a rider with a strong anti-doping stance, Phil Gaimon has spoken up for former Cannondale teammate Tom Danielson, who is currently fighting a case in this area. Danielson tested positive last year for the banned substance DHEA and recently issued a statement saying that he believed the source was a supplement that he had used for several years without an issue.

Some have been sceptical about this, given Danielson’s previous admission that he had used banned substances earlier in his career. However Gaimon has given his public support to the older rider, and has now elaborated on this with CyclingTips. He’s also raised broader questions in relation to the tests riders undergo and the fear of accidental positives.

“The situation sucks,” he said. “From the fans’ perspective, a lot of people have used the same excuse in the past and in many cases, it is an obvious lie. I think the community is jaded and Tom is a past doper. I get it, I get why he doesn’t have a lot of credibility. But I lived with him and I know him. None of this adds up to the human that I knew.”

Prior to speaking to CyclingTips, Gaimon wrote several tweets expressing support for Danielson. He knows that the easiest thing for him to do would be to keep his head down and not get involved, particularly as the topic of doping cases is a minefield.

However he feels strongly that the rider he competed alongside in 2014, and with whom he lived with in Girona that year and in 2015, would not have deliberately broken rules.

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