Theuns wins Turkey GC, Wurf smashes Ironman bike record: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 16, 2017

Theuns wins final stage of Tour of Turkey, Ulissi takes overall; Van der Poel, Kaptheijns take Super Prestige victory in sand dunes of Zonhoven; Wurf smashes Ironman bike course record in Kona, finishes 17th; Elliott becomes first rider to win consecutive Warrnambool Classics; Howes extends with Slipstream Sports for two years; Leipheimer announces fundraising initiative to help those affected by California fires; Video: MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) trailer.

Leipheimer announces fundraising initiative to help those affected by California fires

by VeloClub

Former pro rider Levi Leipheimer was one of many to lose his house in the recent wildfires in Northern California, and has written a long social media post discussing the devastation and what can be done to try to help people rebuild.

“The fires here in Northern California have already taken so much from us and are still burning – continuing to threaten our family, friends and neighbours,” he wrote on Facebook.

“This ongoing disaster is fraught with so many emotions for everyone it has touched, and it’s reach is extensive. For those watching the event unfold, it is a crushingly helpless feeling as we watch the flames march from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, unable to stop them ourselves. For those in the path of destruction, the feeling of loss can be devastating. For those narrowly missed, guilt is added to the mix – why them and not me? We are desperate for a moment of optimism and joy amidst the tragedy, but if we accomplish it we are ashamed for our own bit of relief while so many others have none.”

Leipheimer had previously moved out of his house and into another, putting the first up for sale. As a result he was not as badly off as others. “Personally, my loss in this event is so minuscule compared to so many others, but instead of happiness I mostly feel sorrow,” he wrote. “I did not have to run for my life in what must have been pure terror, I did not have to decide which of my possessions were worth saving at a moment’s notice, I still have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. I wonder why I’m so lucky while so many of my friends and neighbours lost just about everything?”

Click through to read the full post and to see details of the fundraising campaign.