Sky/Wiggins sagas sap fans trust, Spaniard tests positive: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 28, 2017

Minister for Sport says Team Sky and Wiggins sagas have sapped public faith in cycling; Young Spanish rider positive for testosterone; Changes in Lensworld-Kuota sponsorship prompts the team to fold; The flawed beauty of the Tour of Guangxi: a first-hand account; Let down by US military ban, trans Navy veteran turns to cycling; Video: Six Day London 2017 – Day 3 Review; Video: Tour of Guangxi 2017 | Full race highlights; Video: Artist Christoph Niemann’s cycling cartoon

Let down by US military ban, trans Navy veteran turns to cycling

by VeloClub

It was Friday, August 25, 2017, and Kallie Winners was getting ready for work just like any other day. Getting ready to head out the door, a fellow Tesla colleague send her a text message. “I support you and I’m honoured to know you,” it read.

In a response, Winners turned on the news. “I just knew something had happened,” Winners recalled.

On TV, every news station was headlining the same story: President Trump had signed a directive banning all transgender individuals from serving in the military, rescinding President Obama’s policy. For current trans service members, it means that they may soon be asked to leave. For trans people wishing to serve, it means they won’t be accepted.

“I remember feeling so dejected. I served for nearly a third of my life, a decade on active duty, and for the first time I felt like my country didn’t have my back,” said Winners.

Winners spent 10 years on active duty as a machinist in the US Navy, six years and 10 months of that time was spent on sea duty, deployed in the western Pacific four times. Since leaving the military in 2009, Winners earned an engineering degree, gained some years of professional experience and completed her gender transition in 2015.

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