Ella Picks: meet the first women to ride in Gaza; women’s cycling not ready for disc brakes; track worlds; equality in cyclocross; and more

by Anne-Marije Rook

March 2, 2016

Every week we scan the internet for the interesting stories of women’s cycling that deliver unique insight, inspire or simply make us laugh and round them all up in a weekly news digest.

Let’s talk: The Hour Record Doesn’t Matter. Evie Does.

by VeloClub

Danielle Kosecki, a freelance writer and hobby cyclist, penned a great blog about Evelyn Stevens and why women’s cycling coverage and women’s idols matter.

Here’s an outtake:

“Evie was us and we were Evie. All those days that we sat at our desk jobs, staring out the window and emailing each other about the next time we could ride our bikes, we took comfort in knowing that Evie had once likely done the same.

That’s not to say we thought we were going to go pro. We had just finally found something in the sport that felt like “ours.” We had someone to cheer for. Someone who made us want to dig deep. Someone who made it seem not so silly that a group of women in their late 20s were going to bed early on Friday nights so they could ride their bikes around in circles early Saturday mornings. It made us feel that in some small way, what we were doing for ourselves was important.”

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