Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

June 22, 2016

Today’s CT Daily News Digest: Stars-and-stripes saga: The backstory behind Greg Daniel’s missing national champion’s jersey; Dimension Data long-list for Tour de France; IAM Cycling for Tour de France; Bora-Argon 18 Tour de France roster; Matt Brammeier on his work beyond racing; Cavendish talks nutrition; USA Cycling Pro Road Tour standings update; Shane Kelly backs Shane Perkins for Rio; Eight-year-old conquers Col du Tourmalet; Vos not concerned with Rio problems; Aviva Women’s Tour stage 5 highlights; POV inside the Lotto-Soudal team bus; Copenhagen video bid for the Grand Depart

Matt Brammeier on his work beyond racing

by CyclingTips

Irish pro Matt Brammeier (Dimension Data) was involved in a bad crash last season at the Tour of Utah. While recovering after the crash he says he was changed. The result was him starting a charitable programme with the idea of leftover cycling kit sent to aspiring riders in Africa. His “Africa kit appeal” took off and is now into its second year.

He spoke with Peloton Brief about it and what the future holds. Here is an excerpt:

It was the second bad accident I’d had in my life after being hit by a cement truck back in 2007. Both times I came pretty close to the end but it seemed to bring me back to life, it really made me appreciate what I had: the amazing friends, family and team mates bustling around me to help me out. I was enjoying life, loving my time with the team and was generally just in a good place mentally. It was there and then, sat on a wall 500 meters from home resting my battered body that I decided to go all in and kick this thing off. I sent a few mails, messages and made some calls, contacted Adrien, Jock & Kimberley, and the Rwandan Federation and that was it, I was committed to make this thing happen.

Collecting the kit was easy, actually too easy, we had to halt the appeal early because we received too much kit. The biggest challenge was the logistics of it all and getting everything centrally located and of course shipped to Africa. I was lucky enough to find some help from someone I met online after setting up the appeal. Regardt Botes, a South African dude with an incredibly big heart was a life saver and at the time my saviour. I was in too deep and he helped me organise a few things and gets things smoothed out pretty quickly. As I mentioned earlier we were lucky enough to be introduced to Air-business so the problem of shipping disappeared over night, those guys are heroes!

We are already in full swing getting organised for the next appeal, hopefully we will be a lot more organised this year and things will run a lot smoother. Also, no more coffee, we have another group of heroes getting involved thats going to make a pretty amazing impact to our appeal. Hopefully it will be ironed out pretty soon so we can make an announcement regarding that!

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