MPCC demands action; Martin confident before Il Lombardia: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 7, 2017

Daily News Digest: MPCC demands action from WADA on corticoids and Tramadol; Confident Martin hits strong power numbers in advance of Il Lombardia; Season over as illness forces Dumoulin out of Il Lombardia; Warbasse: Its not heroic but idiotic to continue with serious injury; UK Sport targeting Tour de France return to Britain in 2021; Spratt re-signs with Orica-Scott; Rachel Neylan leaves Orica-Scott for women’s Movistar team; Video: CLIF Bar Presents: Gavia Cycling Adventure

MPCC demands action from WADA on corticoids and Tramadol

by VeloClub

Frustrated by what it feels is an inability of the World Anti Doping Agency to act, the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) pressure group has written a strong message to WADA imploring it to final take measures to limit both products.

In the message, which demands six times ‘What are you waiting for’ from WADA, its displeasure is made clear. “Since the creation of the MPCC, we have been warning continuously your agency regarding the issues of corticoids and we have been advising the prohibition of Tramadol since 2013. Ever since, we have faced those same answers that seem to be the political will included in the phrase: ‘wait and see.’ Indeed, your answers never change: ‘we are setting up a commission,’ ‘we will make the working group aware of that,’ ‘we keep on monitoring.’

The MPCC imposes an eight-day limitation on competition after a rider receives corticoids, and also blocks riders who display low levels of cortisol in pre-race checks. Natural cortisol levels can fall when external cortisol is administered, and can cause health issues.

“Time has come for WADA to take essential – and definitive – decisions. We remind you of what you said during an interview on the 8th of March of 2017: ‘WADA is considering to totally forbid corticoids, during competitions and out of competitions… This prohibition would make it harder to be granted a TUE. We have reached a point when we now must open a new debate. To me, the system isn’t good.’

It also appeals for rapid action on the painkiller Tramadol, which WADA has had on its watch list for years but still not moved to ban. “Last year, the UCI sent you a full record asking for the prohibition of Tramado during competitions and your agency’s only answer was monitoring, ‘wait and see.’”

Click through to read the full letter at the MPCC’s website.