MPCC blasts WADA response, Henao chases Giro success: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 19, 2017

MPCC describes WADA response on Tramdol and cortisol as ‘reckless’; Henao chasing Giro youth classification victory in 2018; Greipel: I will do everything I can to aim for my 12th Tour stage win; Deignan extends with Team Sky: ‘It was a very easy decision’; La Course scaled back to one-day event; advocates miffed; Ellsay Siblings join Rally; Hagens Berman Supermint adds ambassador program; Smartphones are killing Americans, but nobody is counting; Video: Pls do not count this; 78 mile portrait on Strava

MPCC describes WADA response on Tramdol and cortisol as ‘reckless’

by VeloClub

The MPCC has received a reply to an open letter sent to the World Anti Doping Agency earlier this month which demanded that WADA finally ban the use of Tramadol and corticoids. The WADA response, sent by its Director General Olivier Niggli, has dismissed the need for such a ban.

“Scientific evidence indicates that the performance enhancing benefits of glucocorticoids are very narrow indeed; and that, for the most part, the use of glucocorticoids in sport is detrimental to performance (as well as health), which is a message that needs to gain wider reach,” he states.

As for Tramadol, Niggli has also resisted its prohibition, saying that the fact that other ‘commonly used therapeutic substances, such as codeine and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories’ are not banned is one factor. “In 2015, Tramadol was considered for inclusion on the List but, as it may be legitimately prescribed as part of a therapeutic regimen in certain situations, the majority of stakeholders felt that it should not be prohibited but rather be regulated by physicians, and physician groups, as part of proper medical practice.”

The MPCC has blasted this response, describing it as ‘reckless’ and an ‘outrage to its members and to the values they have been defending for 10 years now.’

“Most of science articles around the world, as well as expert endocrinologists consulted by the MPCC claim that corticoids have a positive effect on performance,” it states, contradicting Niggli. “‘M. Olivier Niggli declared on March 8th 2017: “We have reached the point where we need to open a debate about corticoids.’ The need for this debate seems to have faded for WADA.

“MPCC also regrets that WADA “felt that [Tramadol] should not be prohibited” solely on the basis of “practical reasons. To conclude, MPCC highlights the lack of answers regarding the aftermath of Operation Puerto. We consider that we have not received any answers to our questions. We don’t accept this answer, we rule it as incomprehensible and view it as an outrage.”

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