Your Thursday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

November 10, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Marini wins fourth stage at Tour of Taihu Lake; Dimension Data set to remain in WorldTour as UCI increases maximum number of teams; WorldTour lite? Participation not mandatory for UCI WorldTeams at 10 new WorldTour events; Marianne Vos reunites with team director Jeroen Blijlevens; Nikki Brammeier recounts dealing with concussion after crash; Brailsford, British Cycling to be questioned by Parliament; New RCS Medigroup president considers auctioning Giro TV rights; Lars van der Haar out with leg injury; JLT-Condor signs Brenton Jones; Team CCB International announces roster; British time trial events see more testing, no positives; Amateur cyclist admits to doping; American racer loses bet, gets tattoo of New Zealand; Final stages of Tour of Southland; Snow Bike Festival, Gstaad 2017 trailer; Never have a flat again?

Nikki Brammeier recounts dealing with concussion after crash

by CyclingTips

British cyclocross racers Nikki Brammeier and Helen Wyman touched wheels and crashed just after the start of the elite race at the European Cyclocross Championships in France. While Wyman suffered a broken collarbone that is sidelining her for the near future, Brammeier seemed to fare a little better, with mostly superficial wounds. However, the wounds were around the facial area and along with that came a bad concussion, which has only gotten worse in the weeks since.

Brammeier posted an account of her recovery and update to her condition on Facebook, in particular her dealing with a serious head injury — an issue that has become more discussed in sport in recent years. Here is an excerpt:

Last Sunday myself & Helen (Wyman) spent the afternoon together in A&E [accident and emergency]. It wasn’t quite a social affair, more a night of pain, foggy memory & pretty much a nightmare. I had my face & lip sewn back together and had scans and X-rays on my head. “All clear” they said, & I was on my way back home. Luckily nothing was broken, but I was a mess. My face was starting to swell & the pain soon started to get worse and the agony had only just begun.

Last week the symptoms continued, I didn’t leave the house & barely my bed the whole week. Some days I had to just sit in a dark room. I couldn’t stand any light. Or more than one person talking to me at a time. I was having panic attacks at night, I couldn’t react to conversation or even want to be involved with any kind of interaction because my head just couldn’t cope. My phone, the tv, any screens or lights were unbearable. It was all too much. The stitches in my mouth meant I couldn’t really speak & eating was difficult too. I was a complete mess. Everything I find happiness in was now out of my control.

The concussion symptoms are still ongoing, I’m improving now a little every day but I still have some headache, whiplash and dizzy moments most days. This last 10 days has taught me a lot. Patience is something I usually struggle with but I have no choice at the moment. Concussion is a real injury, just like any other injury we need to give our heads chance to recover, time to rest and a gradual re introduction to normal life & in my case riding. You wouldn’t break you leg and go running the next day so why do we injure our brains and start using them the next day? It’s something that’s of course in the spot light in other sports but unfortunately not so much in our sport. I’d love to be able to take something positive out of the couple of weeks and in some small way increase the awareness of concussions in cycling. Please be kind to yourself when it comes to your head. Even a small crash could have long term effects, if you hit your head you should go and see your doctor whatever, it’s that simple.

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