Aru confirms Giro ride; Viviani chasing more success: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

February 20, 2018

After mulling over decision, Aru confirms Giro d’Italia participation; Viviani chasing further success in Abu Dhabi Tour; Boom delays season start following heart surgery, but is aiming to return in Paris-Nice; The SHEcret Pro: lies of equality, accidental doping, and kit fashion; Cycling writer Tilin tragically killed while riding in Texas; Winter Olympian’s father rides 17,000 kilometres to see son compete; Perth bike path speed bump trial set to force speeding cyclists to slow down; Video: 4 Days Of Cycling With Phil Gaimon (Fog, Mud, and a KOM)

Perth bike path speed bump trial set to force speeding cyclists to slow down

by CyclingTips

The Department of Transport in Perth has unveiled plans to introduce speed bumps to shared bike and pedestrian paths, with the measure being taken in an effort to show riders down. However, the initial bumps created at a part in Leeming in southern Perth proved less than successful, causing a rethink.

“Kids on their scooters were bottoming out on the humps, and the hand cyclists, they were bottoming out as well,” said Department of Transport Acting Executive Director Craig Wooldridge. “One of my staff was towing his kid in the back of one of those kids’ trailers, he had a bit of instability in the back there. The kid loved the ride and wanted to go again, but not really what we want out on the path there.”

Providing the design is improved, though, it seems that the bumps might be an acceptable introduction, according to Westcycle Chief Executive Matt Fulton. He said that the idea was a useful short-term solution. “We constantly tell the cycling community that we expect to give pedestrians the same respect that want motorists to give us,” he said. “It’s a good idea that we all slow down and ride to the conditions.”

However he believes that longer-term, areas of high traffic should see separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

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